Competitors at the Kitty Hawk Fun RallyCompetitors at the Kitty Hawk Fun RallyAnother fantastic Fun Rally Day was enjoyed at Kitty Hawk on Saturday 3rd October. Although the weather initially appeared marginal, it turned out to be a wonderful day for flying.

The Kitty Hawk Club provided a great venue for the day and all aviators were greeted early with coffee followed by a full hot steaming breakfast.

Once again, Frank & Mary kicked into action with a briefing at 08H00 followed by map preparation. Of the Fourteen teams that entered no less than 3 teams were brand spanking new – never having flown a Rally before. This shows that it is never too late to join the Rally circuit.

Participating Aircraft varied from a C210 to a Partinavia, an RV7, a Jabiru to a selection of C182’s, C172’s, C152’s. The field even included the Yuma from Polokwane.

Kitty Hawk winners - Rob Kennedy, Mary de Klerk, Frank Eckard & Kristen KennedyKitty Hawk winners - Rob Kennedy, Mary de Klerk, Frank Eckard & Kristen KennedyThe first aircraft took off at 10H30, and final results were delivered on time at 14H00. A Spot Landing on arrival was included into the results.

Also participating in this event were the long time Protea Team of Hans Schwebel and Ron Stirk, who flew unofficially and finished with a total score of 4 penalties (for landing 2m over the Zero Line).


1st Position: RV7 - Rob Kennedy/Kristen Kennedy
2nd Position: Yuma - Jonty Esser/Sandi Goddard
3rd Position: Jabiru -Esmond Erasmus/Johan Goosen