South African Radio Navigation Aids - Frequencies and Locations

The list of frequencies below has been compiled from the AIP issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Updated to include changes up to AIP Amendment 1/09 - 15 Jan 2009
No responsibility is taken for accuracy of this information - please refer AIP ENR 4.1
New amendments marked with an *

AGV AGGENYS S29:28:51.67 E018:33:44.97 116.7 VOR  
AB ALEXANDER BAY S28:37:08 E016:28:48 317.5 NDB  
ABV ALEXANDER BAY S28:34:14,49 E016:32:02,00 112.1 VOR  
BM BETLEHEM S28:14:59,21 E028:20:01,04 342.5 NDB  
BL BLOEMFONTEIN S29:10:19,23 E026:17:55,71 380.0 NDB  
BLV BLOEMFONTEIN S29:06:02,38 E026:18:02,31 114.1 VOR  
MEV BRONKHORSTSPRUIT S25:47:27,35 E028:33:40,81 114.3 VOR  
BDV BURGERSDORP S30:57:53,93 E026:19:21,88 113.1 VOR  
CDV CALEDON S34:06:46.68 E019:28:40,39 114.9 DVOR  
CB CAPE TOWN S33:52:34,05 E018:34:23,85 462.5 NDB  
CTV CAPE TOWN S33:58:10,32 E018:36:18,09 115.7 VOR  
CL CAROLINA S26:05:31 E030:05:47 275.0 NDB  
CH COOKHOUSE S32:45:20 E025:46:55 402.5 NDB  
DNV DURBAN S29:58:19,76 E030:57:04,29 112.5 VOR  
DU DURBAN S30:01:32,06 E030:54:21,06 393.0 NDB  
EC EAST LONDON S33:02:00,43 E027:50:38,41 410.0 NDB  
ELV EAST LONDON S33:02:13,21 E027:49:22,90 114.5 VOR  
ER ELLISRAS S23:44:55 E027:37:24 345.0 NDB  
ERV ELLISRAS S23:37:31 E027:57:52 116.3 VOR  
FB FICKSBURG S28:49:39 E027:54:09 390.0 NDB  
GG GEORGE S34:00:07,38 E022:29:08,09 260.0 NDB  
GRV GEORGE S34:00:26,66 E022:22:33,62 116.6 VOR  
GL GEORGE S34:00:17,33 E022:24:03,38 237.0 NDB  
GC GRAND CENTRAL S25:59:33.39 E028:08:24.19 372.5 NDB  
GAV GRASMERE S26:30:53,44 E027:40:35,34 115.5 VOR  
GWV GREEFSWALD S22:14:44 E029:24:37 117.9 VOR  
GE GREYTON S34:03:26,38 E019:36:11,70 270.0 NDB  
GWN GREYTOWN S29:06:19,40 E030:36:12,36 252.5 NDB  
GT GREYTOWN S29:07:46,77 E030:34:41,91 282.0 NDB  
GYV GREYTOWN S29:07:24,76 E030:35:10,22 113.5 VOR  
HS HARRISMITH S28:14:14 E029:06:22 482.5 NDB  
HBV HARTEBEESPOORTDAM S25:40:32,67 E027:49:57,22 112.1 VOR  
HGV HEIDELBERG S26:41:48,50 E028:16:59,39 116.7 VOR  
HL HLUHLUWE S28:01:36 E032:16:24 375.0 NDB  
HA HOEDSPRUIT S24:20:18,73 E031:02:04,25 265.0 NDB  
HSV HOEDSPRUIT S24:20:49,93 E031:02:51,39 114.0 VOR  
HZ HOTAZEL S27:13:30 E022:57:00 257.5 NDB  
JF JAGERSFONTEIN S29:47:03 E025:25:50 242.5 NDB  
KK KAPTEINSKOP S32:43:01,71 E018:34:23,05 267.0 NDB  
KM KIMBERLEY S28:47:31,76 E024:46:51,72 365.0 NDB  
KYV KIMBERLEY S28:47:31,76 E024:45:37,32 115.3 VOR  
KZ KLEINSEE S29:38:38,87 E017:05:52,07 212.5 NDB  
KD KLERKSDORP S26:50:42,5 E026:42:38,3 280.0 NDB  
KS KROONSTAD S27:40:44 E027:17:14 227.5 NDB  
PK KRUGER MPUMALANGA S25:23:00,8 E031:06:32,1 405.0 NDB  
KUR KURUMAN S27:27:36,11 E023:24:52,30 352.5 NDB  
LY LADYSMITH S28:33:22,32 E029:45:39,10 397.5 NDB  
LYV LADYSMITH S28:36:16,11 E029:41:39,05 116.5 VOR  
LW LANGEBAANWEG S32:58:51,14 E018:08:56,39 345.0 NDB  
LWV LANGEBAANWEG AFB S32:58:58,29 E018:09:49,93 117.0 VOR  
LA LANSERIA S26:00:37,25 E027:50:22,33 270.0 NDB  
LL LANSERIA S25:56:57.9 E027:54:46.7 210.0 NDB  
LIV LANSERIA S25:56:56,14 E027:54:48,86 117.4 VOR  
LO LOUIS TRICHARDT S23:03:00 E029:52:00 457.5 NDB  
SI LUSIKISIKI S31:17:00 E029:31:00 200.0 NDB  
LS MAKHADO S23:09:35,29 E029:43:30,97 485.0 NDB  
LTV MAKHADO S23:09:30,55 E029:41:11,18 115.0 VOR  
LU MAKHADO S23:09:37,20 E029:35:44,76 472.5 NDB  
MAJ MAJUBA S27:03:35,42 E029:44:38,70 512.5 NDB  
TSO MALELANE S25:26:25 E031:40:30 450.0 NDB  
MP MARIEPSKOP S24:32:29 E030:52:10 297.0 NDB  
UR MARGATE S30:48:15 E030:22:10 485.0 NDB  
ME MASERU S29:25:44 E027:33:25 255.0 LMM
MU MASERU {MEJAMETALANA S29:18:12 E027:30:12 317.0 NDB  
MR MASERU {MORIJA} S29:35:36 E027:29:36 215.0 NDB  
MZV MASERU/MOSHOESHOE S29:30:06 E027:32:30 117.2 VOR  
MS MATSAPHA S26:30:36 E031:20:06 262.5 NDB  
MW MATSAPHA S26:37:24 E031:10:00 408.0 NDB  
OM MATSAPHA S26:33:38 E031:14:57 240.0 LOM
VMS MATSAPHA/MANZINI S26:30:42 E031:19:24 112.3 VOR  
NMT MEYERTON S26:33:26 E028:01:57 385.0 NDB  
MH MAFIKENG S25:44:29,15 E025:34:29,98 305.0 NDB  
MM MAFIKENG S25:52:37,49 E025:30:38,90 290.0 NDB  
MMV MAFIKENG S25:49:33,21 E025:32:06,19 112.9 VOR  
UA MTHATHA S31:33:30 E028:42:07 227.5 NDB  
UT MTHATHA S31:32:52 E028:43:47 335.0 NDB  
NSV NELSPRUIT S25:29:53,66 E030:54:56,42 116.2 VOR  
NS NELSPRUIT S25:29:26,59 E030:55:08,65 480.0 NDB  
NC NEWCASTLE S27:46:04,40 E029:58:34,44 415.0 NDB *
BFT NEW TEMPE S29:02:10 E026:09:20 519.0 NDB  
NVV NIEUWOUDTVILLE S31:22:48 E019:04:16 116.1 VOR  
NY NYLSTROOM S24:41:30,05 E028:21:36,22 465.0 NDB  
JA O R TAMBO INTL S26:04:35 E028:16:32 445.0 LOM
JB O R TAMBO INTL S26:02:42,00 E028:15:54,09 202.0 NDB  
JN O R TAMBO INTL S26:13:16 E028:13:51 420.0 LOM
JSV O R TAMBO INTL S26:09:25,50 E028:13:51,71 115.2 VOR  
OH OUDTSHOORN S33:36:06 E022:11:09 367.0 NDB  
OB OVERBERG S34:35:44,24 E020:17:05,44 427.5 NDB  
OBV OVERBERG S34:33:22,03 E020:14:49,70 115.4 VOR  
PVV PETRUSVILLE S30:21:58,41 E024:41:42,06 112.7 VOR  
PHV PHALABORWA S23:54:02,73 E031:09:07,09 115.3 VOR  
PW PHALABORWA S23:55:02,56 E031:09:14,21 272.0 NDB  
PU PIETERMARITZBURG S29:39:40,60 E030:24:35,16 407.0 NDB  
ORI PIETERMARITZBURG S29:33:34,60 E030:26:55,42 442.5 NDB  
OBI PIETERMARITZBURG S29:36:36,78 E030:23:42,01 280.0 NDB  
PMV PIETERMARTIZBURG S29:38:52,13 E030:24:01,28 117.9 VOR  
PZ PIETERMARITZBURG S29:42:20,28 E030:26:58,06 257.0 NDB  
PPV POLOKWANE INTL S23:50:23,35 E029:27:38,04 114.5 VOR  
PRF PIET RETIEF S26:56:23,58 E030:46:12,44 525.0 NDB  
PLB PILANESBERG S25:22:04,14 E027:11:50,79 215.0 NDB  
PLG PILANESBERG S25:23:44,14 E027:07:18,59 480.0 NDB  
PNV PILANESBURG S25:23:45,03 E027:07:21,74 112.6 VOR  
PY PLETTENBERG BAY S34:05:25,79 E023:19:33,49 277.5 NDB  
PGL PONGOLA S27:23:54,16 E031:39:12,01 382.5 NDB  
PA PORT ALFRED S33:33:36,26 E026:52:41.04 232.5 NDB  
PEV PORT ELIZABETH S33:59:33,02 E025:36:20,65 112.9 VOR  
PD PORT ELIZABETH S33:58:43,95 E025:37:43,95 372.5 NDB  
PJ PORT ST JOHNS S31:38:08 E029:33:01 315.0 NDB  
PJV PORT ST JOHNS S31:36:31,96 E029:31:11,49 115.9 VOR  
PSV POTCHEFSTROOM S26:40:24 E027:05:36 115.8 VOR  
RA RAND S26:25:26,32 E028:15:49,86 337.5 NDB  
RAV RAND S26:14:43,42 E028:09:16,26 117.7 VOR  
RD RAND S26:18:50,81 E028:05:23,44 307.5 NDB  
RDW RAND S26:16:02,74 E028:09:45,81 287.5 NDB  
RB RICHARDS BAY S28:45:36,62 E032:04:38,31 337.0 NDB  
RI RICHARDS BAY S28:41:05,20 E032:08:09,27 465.0 NDB  
RBV RICHARDS BAY S28:44:26,46 E032:05:36,75 113.3 VOR  
RIV ROBBEN ISLAND S33:47:58 E018:21:52 117.6 VOR  
MC ROODEPLAAT S25:37:13,70 E028:22:00,83 357.0 NDB  
RG RUSTENBURG S25:39:00 E027:17:00 452.5 NDB  
SC SECUNDA S26:31:21 E029:13:44 406.5 NDB  
SU SECUNDA S26:31:24 E029:09:29 242.5 NDB  
SS SISHEN S27:40:34 E023:00:50 272.5 NDB  
SSV SISHEN S27:39:07,83 E023:00:10,99 113.6 VOR  
SZ SKUKUZA S24:58:49 E031:35:55 233.0 NDB  
SVV SOMERSVELD S33:14:57,43 E018:28:42,25 113.0 VOR  
STV STANDERTON S26:41:48,19 E028:52:02,86 116.0 VOR  
SLV SUTHERLAND S32:27:00 E020:37:21 113.3 VOR  
TB THABAZIMBI S24:36:00 E027:25:00 397.5 NDB  
THO THOHOYANDOU S22:58:00 E030:29:00 325.0 NDB  
TOY THOHOYANDOU S23:04:30 E030:18:52 285.0 NDB  
TSH TSHIKONDENI S22:30:33 E030:56:57 252.5 NDB  
TU TUTUKA S26:43:16 E029:21:29 352.5 NDB  
TZ TZANEEN S23:48:08,24 E030:21:39,03 212.5 NDB  
UD ULUNDI S28:18:16,0 E031:25:50,5 267.5 NDB  
UL ULUNDI S28:20:55,90 E031:23:40,10 422.0 NDB  
SMH ULUNDI S28:14:07,2 E031:28:53,8 457.5 NDB  
UN UPINGTON S28:28:42,46 E021:18:10,94 334.0 NDB  
UPV UPINGTON S28:24:06,12 E021:15:37,34 116.5 VOR  
VLH VAALHOEK S24:47:00 E030:47:00 390.0 NDB  
VM VENITIA MINE S22:27:25,26 E029:18:15,63 417.5 NDB  
VV VEREENIGING S26:34:02,37 E027:57:28,97 460.0 NDB  
VWV VICTORIA WEST S31:23:49 E023:06:32 113.7 VOR  
VB VRYBURG S26:58:00 E024:43:00 425.0 NDB  
VHD VRYHEID S27:47:11 E030:42:46 230.0 NDB  
VHL VRYHEID S27:47:10 E030:47:13 350.0 NDB  
WRV WARDEN S27:46:29,26 E029:04:10,10 112.8 VOR  
WKV WATERKLOOF S25:50:00,4 E028:13:13,31 116.9 VOR  
WMV WELKOM S28:00:05,74 E026:39:40,13 116.4 VOR  
WIV WITBANK S25:49:46,28 E029:11:41,13 113.3 VOR  
WY WOLSLEY S33:24:50,10 E019:11:12,85 247.5 NDB  
WR WONDERBOOM S25:39:13 E028:14:33 230.0 NDB  
WB WONDERBOOM S25:39:22 E028:17:57 257.5 NDB  
WC WORCESTER S33:39:48 E019:25:00 335.0 NDB  

Marine NDB's

ZUY CAPE AGULHAS S34:49:42 E020:00:45 298.5 NDB  
ZSZ CAPE COLUMBINE S32:49:43 E017:51:22 305.7 NDB  
ZTY CAPE RECIFE S34:01:44 E025:42:04 308.0 NDB  
ZUT COOPER LIGHT S29:56:07 E031:00:19 305.7 NDB  

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