The Witbank Speed Navigation Rally – 26 March 2022

By Rob Jonkers. Photos by Rob and Willie Bodenstein


The field early on Saturday morning taken from inside Apie and Frederick Kotzee’s R66, my ride for the day.

This first of the 4th Season Speed Rallies for 2022 was held at Witbank and was organised by SAPFA and hosted by the Witbank Aeronautical Association. This was the 3rd event held at Witbank in the series, which also had to be postponed due to weather issues on the original date of 5th March, the weather forecasting being fickle at best, but looked eventually flyable on the 5th and as Competition Director, you are damned for making those weather-related calls…. one way or the other, especially up here on the reef where weather changeability is so prevalent within hours.
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After a 5 year break, Brits Airfield hosted the 2022 National Precision Flying Championships, over the long weekend of the 19th to 21st March 2022. While this was set up as Rally Training for the 2022 World Rally Flying Championships, most competitors decided to take on the challenge of the Solo version of this sport and entered the Precision Flying section.

Moring Briefing

The weather cooperated and we had good weather on all three days.

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Our second attempt to hold the 18th Rand Airport Challenge 2022 was challenged by rain.

Many competitors will be flying the route during the week and thanks to all you persisted especially Tony and Pam who came up from Cape Town twice.

Let’s move forward to our next event.


photo by Athol Frans

I attended the briefing for the annual South African Power Flying Association (SAPFA) Rand Airport Challenge on Saturday, but sadly due to the weather the rally was postponed. The scenic route would have taken the contestants south of Johannesburg to the Vaal River and Vaal dam, which is more than 100% full at the moment with several sluice gates open. However, with safety in mind the organisers decided not to proceed with the event. The photograph was taken when all the participants had completed the briefing outside the famous Rand Airport terminal building.

Springs Season Finale Speed Navigation Rally – 27 Nov

Photos by Willie Bodenstein and Rob Jonkers
Participants, organisers and officials pose for a photo on Saturday morning after the briefing.

The South African Power Flying Association (SAPFA) organised the 2021 Season finale Speed Navigation Rally on Saturday 27th November 2021 to take place at Springs, this being the 4th event in Season 3 of the Speed Rally series. As a season finale, it would end with a black-tie gala dinner on the Saturday evening against the standard already set in 2020 ending Season 2. Our Season 3 events were held in Witbank, Middelburg, Secunda and lastly Springs.

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SAPFA SA Landing Championships, Stellenbosch and Brits 2021


Pete van der Spek

The Stellenbosch Competitors

Precision landing competitions have been around for a long time but for me, this was a new experience behind my camera. I have always shied away from being too close to a landing aircraft for obvious reasons so when I was asked to do this photoshoot, I did so with an open mind – and with some trepidation. Having said that….

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The SAPFA Secunda Speed Rally – 28 August 2021

By Rob Jonkers. Photos by Willie Bodenstein and Rob Jonkers

This year we have returned again to the birth place of the Speed Rally, being the 4th time, this event has been held here, with 2018 the start of Season 1, and from 2020 having re-aligned the Speed Rallies to calendar year seasons, with this event being the 3rd event in Season 3, with the final event for Season 3 being at Springs on 27 Nov 2021.

With lockdown still at level 3, we limited the entries to 25 teams, and 22 had entered by the time the event entries closed on Friday 27th August. Our host club with Chairman Ashvir Kallis and Vice Chairman Lourence Mathee went all out to support the event, making the club facilities available and a braai for the Friday evening. The Aviation Junction flight school made their school facilities available for the scoring and officials’ team.

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The 2021 Edition of the PTAR was held 21st & 22nd of May 2021 at Ermelo

PTAR Final Results. The PTAR final results as published at the gala dinner on 22 May 2021 contained errors emanating from the scoring system, which due to time constraints from the delayed start and logger interference difficulties resulted in hasty results preparation for the gala evening. Consequently the 1st position was in fact a tie between Race 23 & 24 using the Positional Results method of scoring. The results can be found below. To be noted is that the Positional Results method, as utilised in the speed rallies, is based on an average ranking of combined day 1 & 2 scores – which the committee decided on as the default scoring method in consultation with the Jury, while the Performance Results method considers ranking of day 1 & 2 in order of best handicap & shortest distance as the ranking method. For reference both score methods are provided as below.

As this PTAR was the first PTAR in the new format with both days flown, the final combined scoring mechanism was not fully defined and tested. SAPFA apologises for the errors made, and these will be redressed for future events. There will also be a racer meeting to review their experience of the new format, with initial feedback has been that most enjoyed the course design as flown. Suggestions for improvements would be welcome input in planning for Tempe in 2022, these can be made to




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Krugersdorp Shelia Taylor ANR Nav Rally 08.05.2021

By Russell Dixon-Paver

A cool winter morning dawned fair, with a huge cloud bank, just above the horizon to the South West. Teams and aviation enthusiasts started arriving and coffee and breakfast was soon flowing from the revamped kitchen in the clubhouse. Just before 09:00 the weather closed in with a short downpour, causing spirits to sink somewhat.


Not to be put off by the typical “HMS Krugersdorp four seasons”, Francois Tolmay welcomed everyone on behalf of Krugersdorp Flying Club and Frank Eckard started the team briefing, outlining the really simple rules and stressing safety and having fun – “aviation with a purpose”. He had not been speaking long, when the weather started to clear, so he gave some “clearing time” by giving a brief background and description of the various SAPFA events and how the Air Navigation Rally format fitted in. The point was made that provincial and national colours could be earned by achievements in the ANR discipline.

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