April 2000


Vanderbijlpark – 15 April 2000

By Deon van den Berg

The unpredictable weather we have had the past four months again played its part in the Gauteng interprovicials but in the end some kind of a result was possible.

Barry arrived from Natal Friday-afternoon, Walter and Frikkie from Bloemfontein Saturday-morning, Nigel and his wife battled all the way from Grand Central in heavy mist and a bit later Hans and Ron from Brits landed with only minutes to spare before the papers were handed out. Unfortunately Jan Hanekom and Mauritz had to turn back after trying to get through rain and thunderstorms, we really missed their presence.

Everything went well until about 14h00 when a hailstorm accompanied Walter on his take-off roll and Frikkie and Barry missed their time slot. We postponed their take-off time by one hour and Frikkie took of in light rain only to return a few minutes later with technical problems. Barry could not fly because the Jabiru has a wooden prop and it was still raining. For them the competition was over.

The other pilots returned with reports of rain on certain legs of the route but did very well as the results can testify. We unfortunately had a draw between Adrian and Nigel, but after consulting the rules Adrian was placed first because he had the lowest score on navigation. In the end everybody enjoyed the well-organized competition and interesting route by Dicky Swanepoel and I would like to thank him for that.

Four marshals from Brits also braved the weather to help the local guys and they did a very good job. Thank you all for your efforts.

The hospitality of Dicky and Marinda, Tony and Lynn and Willem Brits were highly appreciated by everybody present.

Sunday-morning clear skies as we left our friends only to battle the weather ten minutes later.

Overall Result

  • 1. JKN A.Pilling    52
  • 2. JKN N Hopkins   52
  • 3. CNZ H. Schwebel   177
  • 4. CNZ R. Stirk   468
  • 5. CUX W. Walle   571