December 2017

Chairman’s Report 2017 – South African Power Flying Association

Before I start I want to thank all our SAPFA members for their commitment and participation in our different disciplines – THANK YOU MEMBERS.

The South African Power Flying Association’s (SAPFA) main focus is to organise and promote power flying sports. We also represent the interests of our members by providing input on matters that affect GA pilots. We maintain links with the General Aviation Commission (GAC) of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). We also support the Aero Club of South Africa 100%.

We at SAPFA wanted to do something different this year with regards to competition flying and create a fair playing field for new competition pilots, Rob Jonkers created the Adventure Rallies and I created the SECS (SAPFA Equality Competition System) and Club Challenge CALL OUTS.

Thank you, Rob Jonkers for creating the first platform to introduce competition flying to the general aviator and the EAA members for embracing the new format of Adventure Rallies.

I would also like to thank the three clubs that helped SAPFA start the Club Call outs namely Secunda Flying Club, Ermelo and Springs (ERFC). This will grow as it has proven to become very popular and fun to take part in.

I would like to extend special thanks to Christoff le Grange (Secunda Club) and Eric Addision (Springs) for helping and hosting the Club Challenges.

I strongly believe that growing the sport is the most fundamental sustainable solution for the future.

The stepping stones have been laid for the future to grow the sport next year.

The PTAR was a huge success seeing new sponsors and excellent piloting skills from all the pilots and navigators. Next year the PTAR will be hosted by New Tempe and will be as awesome as it has always been when hosted by the Bloemfontein Flying Club.

Pylon Racing will be given more attention next year, we are possibly looking at racing a few Yak 52 against each other in the last part of 2018. Keep an eye on this, it is going to be great and revolutionary.

We had many great international achievements this year and we are very proud of our Protean Competition Pilots, Frank and Cally Eckard managed to secure a Gold Medal for South Africa in the landing section of the competition. Also a warm welcoming Andre Kluyts to the Green and Gold for the first time.

SAPFA Achievements below:

Senior Protea Colours for the 1st FAI World Air Navigation Race Championship 2017 held in Castellon, Spain held from the 11th to the 17th of September 2017 to Cally Eckard, Frank Eckard, Hans Schwebel, Mary De Klerk, Ronald Stirk, Thys van der Merwe and for participation as International Judge Special Acknowledgement to Arddyn Moolman.

Senior Protea Colours for the 23rd FAI World Precision Flying Championships held in Spitzerberg Airfield, Austria from the 29th of July to the 5th of August 2017 to Andre Kluyts, Frank Eckard, Mauritz Du Plessis, Ronald Stirk and the team manager Mary De Klerk and for participation as President of the Jury, Special Acknowledgement to Hans Schwebel.

Ron Stirk – For achieving a Silver Medal, 2nd Place in the Landing Section of the 23rd FAI World Precision Flying Championships held in Spitzerberg Airfield, Austria from the 29 July – 5 August 2017

Rob Jonkers – Sliver Wings for creating the Adventure Rallies and Assisting with the 2020 Aero Club Centenary arrangements

Mary De Klerk –  Gold wings foe serving on the SAPFA committee for 10 years

Frank Eckard  – Lewis Lang Trophy was awarded to “Pilot of the Year” for FAI Gold Medal for 1st Place in the Landing Section of the 1st FAI World Air Navigation Race Championship 2017 held in Castellon, Spain in July 2017 (DON’T FORGET FRANK HAD HIS WIFE AS HIS NAVIGATOR – WELL DONE CALLY)

Sadly, I have stepped down as Chairman due to International commitments and will not be available to serve as the Chairman for SAPFA in 2018. I have handed the Chairmanship to a worthy and fully capable Rob Jonkers (was my Vice Chairman) that will continue to grow SAPFA and support our Members.

Jonty Esser

SAPFA X-Chairman