1986 NAC Eastern Province Precision Air Rally

1986 NAC Eastern Province Precision Air Rally

Port Elizabeth – 30 August 1986

by Les Sephton, Chairman – Power Flying

Adrian Pilling, John Adams, Colin Jordaan and Dave Perelson
Adrian Pilling, John Adams, Colin Jordaan and Dave Perelson

Roy Waldek organised and ran a most efficient rally at Port Elizabeth on the 30th August 1986. Thirty three (33) aircraft entered with many entrants coming from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London and Bloemfontein, besides those from Port Elizabeth. Very heavy rains throughout South Africa prevented nine arriving at Port Elizabeth as they were all earth bound, but those 24 who did compete thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The rally was flown in windy conditions with clear skies but very turbulent and those pilots who arrived the night before and over imbibed paid heavy a penalty that day more especially did the Navigators. Roy Waldek’s survival kit with food, cooldrinks and headache pills saved many a navigator on the return leg.

Pilots were given their maps, clues etc 45 minutes before aircraft took off and as there were ten cheek points plus five secret check points, as well as ten photographs and ground markers to identify, lead to a marked degree of pressure being placed upon pilot and more especially navigators, prior to and during the rally. Every check point was marked which is an essential aspect of a rally, as there is nothing more satisfying than arriving over a check-point and finding a ground marker plus marshals acknowledging that one has finally made that part of the leg. Twenty-eight ground marshals assisted Roy. There were timed turns on three of the check points adding a further amount of pressure to the pilot.

Ivanhoe Perelson and Dave Perelson
Winners of the Eastern Province Rally Pilot Ivanhoe Perelson – Navigator Dave Perelson

The first four places went to the following, namely:-

  • First – Dave Perelson and his wife Ivanhoe
  • Second – John Adams and Colin Jordaan
  • Third – Ian MacJanet and Murray Wrench
  • Fourth – Dr Steyn and Mr Grotepas

First prize – R500,00; Second – R300,00 and Third – R200,00.

In addition, Budget supplied transport, Bowring Barclays Bank supplied the miniature trophies which were awarded to successful crews and Shell the caps plus Fidelity Bank supplied engraved pens.

Our thanks go to those sponsors who made this rally the success it was.

In addition NAC Port Elizabeth supplied reduced fuel and service charge to competitors.

I am sure I can state on behalf of all the pilots and navigators who competed that we thoroughly enjoyed this rally which can serve as a standard by which other rallies can be measured.