Aero Club of South Africa – Gold Wings – Ron Stirk

Ron Stirk started flying in 1988 and is a PPL with a night rating. He has been active in promoting sport and recreational aviation over along period of time.

Not only has he served on the South African Power Flying Association Committee for an unbroken period of 10 years, some of those years as Vice Chairman but has also been a nominated representative on the Board of the Aero Club. He has also served on the Committee of the Brits Flying Club in various capacities, including that of Chairman.

Ron has not only been active in the administration of General Aviation but also in competitive flying. He has represented South Africa twelve times in World Championships. He is the only pilot that has won the World Landing Competition twice, in 2000 and 2006.

Ron was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in April 2008 in which he lost his right arm. While in hospital his first thoughts were how and when he would be able to fly again. In less than a year after the accident he was back in the air and competing in the National Precision Flying Championships. Ron was placed fifth in that competition and won the landing section. His performance resulted in him being selected to represent South Africa at the World Championships. His performance in Poland contributed to South Africa being awarded the bronze medal in the Team Landing Competition at the World Championships.

Ron is a worthy recipient of Gold Wings.