Chairman’s Report 2015

Chairman’s Report 2015

South African Power Flying Association

The South African Power Flying Association’s (SAPFA) main focus is to organise and promote power flying sports. We also represent the interests of our members by providing input on matters that affect GA pilots. We maintain links with the General Aviation Commission (GAC) of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

President’s Trophy Air Race
In 2015 the President’s Trophy Air Race returned to New Tempe. Bloemfontein Flying Club pulled out all the stops and welcomed the 85 teams to a very well organised event. Results were out before sunset on both days and this led to a well run gala dinner and some great socialising after the final trophies were awarded.

The 2016 race will be held at Bethlehem and from our meetings with the Bethlehem Aero Club, I am confident this will be an even better event. Get your entries in early as the field is limited to 100 aircraft.

Precision and Rally Competitions
Once again our Fun Rallies were held at Rand Airport, Bethlehem, Krugerdorp, Virginia and Grand Central and Brits. Competition flying has returned to Stellenbosch and the local club have arranged two events this year.

The National Precision Flying Championships were hosted at Brits. Four teams eventually represented South Africa at the 22nd FAI World Precision Flying Championships which were held in Skive, Denmark. Our aircraft were available on the day of arrival and we started with training right away. The wind always blows in Denmark, but the scenery was great with lots of water ways, forests and off course wind mills. The competition was well organised but very competitive, and our first competitor was placed 36th with a score of 1055 for the four competitions.

Adventure Rally
SAPFA will be arranging an Adventure Rally at the EAA Sun and Fun to be held in Brits. Crews will be required to solve cryptic clues as they fly around the Brits Area.

Air Navigation Race
The FAI has designed a new form of flying competition which involves very accurate navigation inside a narrow corridor. We had great fun with this competition in Brits. One of our teams has been nominated to compete in this new competition over the desert in the World Air Games in Dubai.

SAPFA continues to be run by volunteers who give up their personal time to attend meetings, organise events, study legislation and more.

Thank You.

Frank Eckard
South African Power Flying Association (SAPFA)