Colin Jordaan

Colin Jordaan – Professional Pilot

Colin was a truly dynamic force in South African Sport Aviation. In addition to his professional achievements he was six times a Springbok (1971 – Austria, 1980 – Germany, 1981 – UK, 1985 – USA, 1986 – Spain and 1988 – UK) for both Rally and Precision Flying. He has twice won the National Precision Flying- Championships (1979 and 1981) as also the National Rally (1981 and 1988). Besides entering the State President’s Air Race on 6 ocassions, Colin was always ready to help with the organisation of flying events – be it the S.P. Air Race, Provincial Flying Championships and Rallies, and in 1987 he organised the National Precision Flying Championships.

Colin has served three years on the S A Power Flying Association committee and was elected to the Board of Directors of the Aero Club of South Africa in 1988. Colin also wrote all the initial computer programmes for the Aero Club and was always available to rescue the staff when things went awry. Colin, who started flying in 1974 at Rand while studying Aeronautical engineering at Wits, joined SAA in 1980. From 1983 to 1986 he was Technical Director of SAA Pilots Association, Industrial Director from 1986 to 1988 and in August this year was elected Vice-President. SAAPA recognised his contribution with their Scroll of Merit for 1988 for his contribution to improving SAA conditions of service and for achieving official recognition of SAAPA. S.A.T.S. has also recognised his abilities by awarding him the SATS General Manager’s Award for Outstanding Achievement. Colin is married to Lorraine and has two children, Sandy and Stephen.

Committee member 1987 – 1992