The South African Power Flying Association

The South African Power Flying Association is an independent association affiliated to the Aero Club of South Africa. It was formed in 1988.
The Aero Club was formed in 1920 and was the established National Controlling Body for Aviation. At the end of the war in 1945 the Aero Club set about the re-establishment of clubs throughout South Africa. Initially the Aero Club represented only power flying but as other branches of aviation developed new sections were formed.
In the 1980’s the sections of Aero Club were constituted as in dependant organisations all affiliated to Aero Club and subscribing to the aims objectives of Aero Club in their particular branch of aviation.

What Aero Club of South Africa does for its members

The sections of Aero Club are:- Power Flying, Gliding, Parachuting, Aerobatics, Ballooning, Hang Gliding & Paragliding, Aero-Modelling, Homebuilders, Microlighting, Experimental Aircraft, Gyro Planes, Virtual Aviation, Rocketry and Disabled Aviators. Aero Club is affiliated to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale – the world controlling body for sport aviation. No competitive recreational flying activity in South Africa is recognized without Aero Club approval. This includes world record attempts.

Aero Club officials regularly attend FAI meetings to ensure South Africa’s participation in international competitions. Aero Club provides a strong lobby on behalf of all its members on important issues e.g. ATNS fees, Met forecast levies and Civil Aviation Authority fees. Aero Club provides a central identity for all sport aviation enthusiasts. It advises, via notices and magazines, current happenings and items of interest to all sectors of recreational flying.

Aero Club maintains a high level of communication with the Department of Transport, the Dept of National Education (Sport Advancement) and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC). It is affiliated to the South African Sports Foundation and provides a voice on many committees throughout South Africa, including the Civil Aviation Advisory Committee, the Southern African Aviation Safety Council, the Air Traffic Controllers Association, the Civil Aviation Regulation Commmittee (CARCom), etc.

It provides a voice on committees worldwide to represent South Africa and ensure contact is maintained and provides venues for events in all sections – all that is requested from the individual is membership and an FAI licence. Aero Club provides members with a wide range of aviation related goods complete with Aero Club insignia. It organizes Safety Seminars to promote safety in all aspects of sport Aviation.

Aero Club and the South African Power Flying Association is at present, busy with the promotion of projects which will be of direct benefit to its members.