Benefits of Membership

The SA Power Flying Association aims to encourage, develop and promote powered flying in all its forms throughout South Africa.

The main objectives of our organisation are to organise competitive sporting events, such as those listed below, for the general aviation sector as well as to represent its membership in negotiations with the regulatory and semi state organisations and industries that affect them.

SAPFA membership entitles members to participate in formal competitive events in South Africa as outlined below. SAPFA, through AeroClub, is recognised as the official representative of rally, precision and ANR flying and therefore selects the Protea teams for World Championships. 

Our organisation represents the following power flying activities:

  • The Presidents Trophy – held annually (with a crew of two). The air race is one of the most prestigious events on the South African aviation calendar and has a long and wonderful history. It was originally known as the Governor General’s Cup Air Race and was first held in 1937.
  • Speed Rallies – The Speed Navigation rally is similar to the Navigation Rally, except that it is rally against a pre-determined handicap speed, based on a selected throttle power setting. The course is approximately 120 nm with an average of 10 turn points (with a crew of two).
  • Rally Navigation Competitions are held in fun & advanced formats (with a crew of two). Navigation rallies test your ability to navigate using basic equipment, emphasising the ability to follow a precise track while adhering closely to a timing test (punctuality test) as well as perform realistic observation tasks while navigating the aircraft on a timing test (observation test)
  • Precision Navigation Competitions are held together with rally competitions (with a crew of one). Similar to rally flying, this will test your ability to fly a rally route on your own. Precision is the key with many ‘secret’ timing points throughout the route. 
  • Spot Landing Championships (with a crew of one) emphasizing the ability to handle the aircraft in different landing configurations from normal approach to simulated engine failure to obstacle clearance. 
  • Air Navigation Rally (ANR) is a new form of competition with much shorter flight times and competitors must navigate down narrow twisting corridors (with a crew of two).
  • Power Flying speed and distance Records

In addition, SAPFA also attempts to support the organisation of events run by flying clubs and other aviation bodies. Contact us if you would like to host an event at your club. 

Membership of SAPFA is not compulsory, except in the case of participation in competitive events. SAPFA is affiliated to the Aero Club and to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). To see more on our membership requirements, see our Manual of Procedures.

SAPFA also represents members with regards to disputes with CAA and other regulatory bodies.

Membership runs from December – December annually. Please renew your membership

The SAPFA committee is investigating methods of providing additional benefits for its members. Please reach out with any suggestions.