“Everybody’s Business is Nobody’s Business”

The main objects of the South African Power Flying Association (SAPFA) are to organise competitive sporting events for the general aviation sector as well as to represent its membership in negotiations with the regulatory and semi state organisations and industries that affect them. In addition SAPFA also attempts to support the organisation of events run by flying clubs and other aviation bodies. Membership of SAPFA is not compulsory except in the case of participation in competitive events. SAPFA is affiliated to the Aero Club and to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)

SAPFA membership entitles members to participate in any formal competitive even in South Africa. SAPFA, through Aero Club, is recognised as the official representative of rally and precision flying and therefore selects the Protea teams for World Championships.

SAPFA represents members with regards to disputes with CAA and other regulatory bodies. SAPFA is currently investigating the feasibility of representing members in disputes with other organisations eg AMO’s

SAPFA members are entitled to the FAI Crew Card which entitles members to discounts on hotels and car hire and entrance to the business class lounges of certain airlines.

Members will also be entitled to the free use of the SAPFA owned loggers for purposes of any competition flying. A special discount has arranged for those SAPFA members that would like to purchase their own logger (especially a Mini Logger), contact us for more details.

The SAPFA committee is investigating methods of providing additional benefits for its members.