President’s Trophy Air Race

One of the most Prestigious Air Races in the World

The President’s Trophy Air Race is run annually at the end of May each year. It is a handicap race and open to all Class C1 aircraft with reciprocating engines.

Handicaps are developed to attempt to give each aircraft a chance of winning. The handicap system also allows aircraft of different type to compete against each other.

This event is probably the South African aviation event with the largest number of competitors. It has been attracting approximately 100 crews over the past few years.

The Race is a two day event. Each day the competitors will fly a course of approximately 320 nautical miles. Entrants need to have a minimum cruise speed of 100 knots and be able to cover the distance with proper legal reserves remaining.

Have a look at these HowTo Articles. Although written in 1988 the principles have remained the same over the years.

Video: Permanon Presidents Trophy Air Race 2014