PTAR 2018 – Provisional handicaps


Since the introduction of the Data Logger SAPFA has gathered a large amount of race data on about 340 aircraft.

We have been hard at work developing the Formula that will;

  • use the available data,
  • level the playing field so that each competitor has a reasonable chance of winning,
  • be applied consistently and fairly, without fear or favour.

The Formula to be used this year is detailed below and we invite competitors to use it to calculate their own handicaps either before or at any time during the weekend.



X = your Handicap in knots

k = the course distance in nautical miles (2018 PTAR, k = 558.522 nm)

y= your best recorded 3D speed in knots

The 3D speed in the column listed below has come from historical data gathered by SAPFA and is your input (y) in the above formula, and is used to calculate your handicap.

The following adjustment will be made in terms of the PTAR Race Rules and Regulations.

If you exceed your 3D speed after a day’s racing, the new 3D speed will automatically be entered into the Formula and it will calculate a revised handicap.

Any competitor whose handicap has been revised will be notified by the Race Director.

The Formula is designed to reward competitors who give it their best shot, and will frustrate competitors, who try to outsmart the system.

1. Competitors are reminded that any changes or modifications to the aircraft must be noted on the Entry Form.

2. A modified aircraft is any aircraft, with any modifications, or accessories, which may have been carried out, changed or added (ie….engine blueprinting, propeller changes, speed kits, gap seals, spats …..etc)

3. Modifications or accessories must be type approved and must not hinder or limit the normal operation of the aircraft.

You may download this document at this link: PTAR 2018 – List of Provisional Handicaps.pdf