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There are pilots that are not interested in serious competitive flying but would like to do some fun flying with a small challenge to make the stories at the inevitable braai after the flight more interesting. SAPFA has designed a Flying Competitions to introduce Pilots and Navigators to the exciting world of Competition Flying and thereby improve their general flying skills.

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Sportsman Navigation Rally – Executive Summary

The competition is loosely based on the FAI Rally and Precision competitions but with many of the complications removed.

A safety briefing will be given at the start of the competition. Following this a full briefing will be given on “How to Fly the Competition” by a member of the National Team.

At the allotted time the crews will receive an envelope containing a map and photo sheets. A time sheet will also be given which will give them the time they are required to be at each turn point. The map will have the route and turn points printed on it. The crew will be required to measure the heading for each leg and also insert the timing for each leg onto the map. They will be assisted in the Preparation of Your Map and only fly once this is correctly prepared.

Once this is completed, they will fly the route, attempting Accurate Navigation and according to the Time Schedule. A photo will be given of each turn point which needs to be identified (Yes / No) and a photo of a feature on each leg will also need to be found and marked on the map (Observation).

A Spot Landing could be included along the route or at the home field.

Scoring is all “negative marking” and the team who gets the lowest score will be declared the winner.

Since this competition is designed for the newcomer, those pilots who have already obtained Provincial or National Colours are encouraged to assist the newcomers with their preparation or to compete as Navigators. Should a Pilot with Provincial or National Colours wish to compete, he will compete in a separate class.

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Speed Navigation Rally

The Speed Navigation rally is similar to the Fun Navigation Rally, except that it is rally against a pre-determined handicap speed, based on a selected throttle power setting. The course is around 120 nm with an average of 10 turnpoints. At your allotted papers time, you will receive a Map and Turn Point photo sheets, the map will contain a pre-plotted route with magnetic headings. A take-off time of nominally 20 minutes after papers time. You will then fly the route attempting accurate navigation around each turn point with the objective to fly the shortest route possible at the best speed possible to achieve the minimum overflown distance. The check point photos are all correct and in line of flight and are clearly marked features.

A Spot Landing could be included at the home field.

Scoring is best speed against the declared handicap and most accurate navigation route flown.

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Adventure Navigation Rally


The Adventure Navigation Rally is similar to the Fun Navigation Rally except that no timing test is given. It is primarily an observation based rally, with check point photos that may or may not be correct, identification of the location of leg photos, and the answering of questions of the general route and area with provided clues. Part of the route may require accurate navigation within a defined width corridor. This rally format is mainly aimed at the casual flyer with an intent to develop skills for the fun navigation event.

A Spot Landing could be included at the home field.

Scoring is based on the number of correct answers provided and accuracy of path flown in a defined corridor

For those interested in the rules, They are attached below.

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