Speed Navigation Rally

The Speed Navigation rally is similar to the Fun Navigation Rally, except that it is rally against a pre-determined handicap speed. The course is around 140 nm with an average of 10 turnpoints. At your allotted papers time, you will receive a Map and Turn Point photo sheets, the map will contain a pre-plotted route with magnetic headings. A take-off time of nominally 20 minutes after papers time. You will then fly the route attempting accurate navigation around each turn point with the objective to fly the shortest route possible at the best speed possible to achieve the minimum overflown distance. The check point photos are all correct and in line of flight and are clearly marked features.


Scoring is best speed against the declared handicap and most accurate navigation route flown.

Watch the SAPFA Events Calendar for dates of these events.

Website: https://www.speedrally.co.za/

For those interested in the rules, They are attached below.