Robin Spencer-Scarr – Silver Wings

Aero Club of South Africa – Silver Wings

Robin Spencer-Scarr

Robin Spencer-Scarr started flying in 1984 and obtained his fixed wing license in that year. He is also a qualified helicopter pilot. He has in excess of 2 500 hours in a number of different types of aircraft.

He has been active in promoting sport and recreational aviation over a long period of time and has represented South Africa in Rally Flying. He was part of the team that earned Gold for South Africa in 2003.

Robin has served on the South African Power Flying Association Committee for an unbroken period of seven years. During this period he took over responsibility for running the President’s Trophy Air Race, giving this event the continuity that it lacked in the past. This event, the most prestigious Air Race in the World, requires high levels of organisation and safety. Robin has the unique ability to ensure that the event runs smoothly but at the same time he manages to inject fun and humour which makes it an event for the competitors. This has resulted in the Race growing in popularity over the years he has been in charge. This growth in popularity is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the 2010 Race had a waiting list in excess of thirty aircraft.

Robin (also known as Mr Air Race) is a worthy recipient of Silver Wings.