Stellenbosch Fun Rally

By Alewyn Burger

27 February 2016 was a beautiful day and one of those days that if you had a flying machine you just had to get airborne! So we made the flying even more fun by having our first Fun Rally for the year. Tony Russel from SAPFA (South African Power Flying Association) as always did not disappoint and worked out a cracker of a route, the hardest one to date! 17 teams from across the Western Cape and one from the Big smoke met at 8am for a briefing on proceedings. a Safety Briefing was then held by Space du Preez our resident Chief Flight Instructor. Maps and Clue sheets were then handed out and the confusion began!

Tina & Adam from Mossel Bay in their Cessna 182 and Mark & Tony in one of the Club’s Cessna 172’s.

Sean Carson and his better half Annie on top of things!

Ulu spying on my navigator Nicholas.

Derick’s day job is being in command of a Embrear Regional Jet at Airlink and he reckons this is why God invented co-pilots but he’ll give a try! Too bad after he finished his planning he realised he forgot the hangar keys at home! Hahaha!

Bertie and Jaco made it all the way from Wonderboom. Welcome to the fairest Cape Gentleman!

Husband and Wife team Gudren and Jesse Roos flying their Husky.

Ex Mirage F1 Fighter Pilot and SAA Captain Piet Truter showing young Alan the ropes on his 18th birthday!

Deon and Stuart figuring it out.

After everyone finished Tony hung up the master map just to make sure everyone has the correct turn points. With his experience he was happy to help everyone on the right course.

So after we all gave Tony our desired ground speeds, the take off and turn point times were calculated and off we went with our loggers in hand!

On track!

Spotting one of the observation photos! Mark it on the map for no penalty!

Another observation photo spotted! Fork in the road with a puddle next to it.

Back at the Clubhouse for some prize giving!

Part of the challenge was a spot landing back at Stellenbosch! To no surprise Piet is making a fine aviator out of Alan as he nailed the landing by landing a mere 1 meter from the line giving him first place in that category! Tony congratulating the winners.

In 3rd place Nicholas and me (Alewyn) in our RV6. Proudly the first taildragger and low wing. Sean, your beer is looking dismal and it appears you are aware of it..!

Frank wearing appropriate apparel as 2nd Place it was him and Instructor Marko Nel in a Flying Club Cessna 172.

And in 1st place, Martin Venn and Springbok Rally Pilot Mauritz du Plessis in a Cessna 172. Well done gentleman! They walk away with some Flying Club Golf shirts, rulers and other aviation goodies.

Final Results.

In the end we are all winners because we get to have that cold one with like minded aviators after a great morning up there roaming the African skies!

See you all at the next Rally, in the meanwhile, be safe and keep polishing those basic flying skills!