By Mary de Klerk

The first in a series of Rally Competitions was held on Saturday 3rd Nov 2018 at Stellenbosch Airfield. Everything from the weather, the venue and route planning etc was perfect – only one thing was missing…. The number of entries… Its seems that the communication did not go out on time, but this will be corrected for future events.

FASH approach


This particular event heralded the first in a series of Rally Flying Competitions which will take place Nationally and in Stellenbosch leading up to the World Rally Flying Championships which will be held in November 2020. Participants in these lead up rallies will earn accumulated points which will determine their eligibility to participate in the 2020 World Championships. So participation will be crucial to the selection of the final SA Rally Flying Team.

Jonty, Sandi, Frank, Cally, Mary, Benjamin and Andre


Frank in Training

Pam and Tony Russell

So determined are the team of Shane Brits and Karin Stroud that they ventured to fly their Jabiru all the way down from Johannesburg to Stellenbosch on a 16 hour round trip.

Mary de Klerk and Richard Newton

Brand new to this sport is retired Captain Richard Newton who flew this rally for the first time ever in his RV7 with Mary de Klerk. His exceptional flying experience clearly shone through in his final result.

Alwyn Burger Map Preparation……… Frank congratulates Benjamin Cserveny. Benjamin and Alwyn finished 3rd in the Sportsman Class.

Frank with Karin Stroud and Shane Brits (2nd Place Sportsman CLass)

Frank with Ashleigh Prinsloo and Marko Nel (1st Place Sportsman Class)

Frank and Cally Eckard were responsible for planning the route which was flown by all 3 classes:
1. Sportsman – Neither Pilot nor Navigator have earned Protea Colours
2. Intermediate – Either Pilot or Navigator has earned Protea Colours
3. Advanced – Both Pilot and Navigator have earned Protea Colours

Frank with Pam and Tony Russell (3rd Place Intermediate Class)

Frank with Andre Kluyts – missing Mauritz du Plessis (2nd Place Intermediate Class)

Frank with Richard Newton and Mary de Klerk (1st Place Intermediate)

The route consisted of 11 Checkpoints (including Start and Finish) and took the teams in a North Westerly direction up towards Koeberg before turning right and zig zagging back into the picturesque Stellenbosch valley. The Sportsman’s class had to identify 9 sequential photos (1 on each leg) whilst the Intermediates and Advanced had to identify 20 non-sequential photos. All the photos and some checkpoints were very challenging but all teams managed to find their way around the course and all returned safely to base.

Frank with Sandi Goddard and Jonty Esser (1st Place Advanced Class)