Third Party Insurance

Once again the Aero Club has been hard busy at work on behalf of our members, they have asked me to pass this on to you.

As you know, aircraft owners are obliged to carry third party insurance as prescribed in terms of The Civil Aviation Act No 13 of 2009.

The Aeroclub has negotiated good rates for this insurance on behalf of its members who own aircraft in the following categories:
1. Aircraft eligible for NTCA Classification in the following groups:
a) Amateur built aircraft including Fixed and Rotary Wing, Motorised Gliders,
b) Production Built Aircraft
c) Limited Aircraft
d) Veteran Aircraft

2. Light Aircraft with an all up mass not exceeding 600kg, including
a) Microlights,
b) Light sport aircraft,
c) Gyrocopters
d) Gliders.
3. Hang Gliders and Paragliders.

Members interested in getting quotations for 1) and 2) above should call Joanne Herman of DJA on 011 463 5550 or email her at Members with aircraft falling in 3) above will obtain insurance through SAHPA.

The act does not prescribe the value to be insured. DJA will quote for cover of either R500’000.00 or R1 million as specified by the member.
Some comprehensive hull insurance policies include a third party component, so if you carry hull insurance check this first before taking out additional third party cover.


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