Upcoming Events – January 2018



The First SAPFA Fixture for 2018 will be a Fun ANR (Air Navigation Race) Rally to be held at Kittyhawk on Saturday the 27th January 2017.
Air Navigation Race (ANR) requires 2 crew, Pilot + Navigator. It is a new form of competition with much shorter flight times and competitors must navigate down narrow twisting corridors.
The sport is similar to Rally Flying where only the start and finish are timed, but the routing requires the aircraft have to fly along predetermined corridors with irregular shapes at a specific speed (normally 80 knots). The corridors are generated by sophisticated mapping software to ensure they are of equal length.
Crews are handed their map with the printed corridor and are given thirty minutes to plan their flight. Loggers are used to log the flight track in order to determine the final score. The crew with the least amount of penalties is the winning crew.
At the conclusion of each heat there is a scored landing for the crew when they return to the airfield.
Crews are penalised for flying outside their corridors and for timing errors. Penalties are also awarded for the landing.
For more information on ANR please visit this site: http://www.fai.org/gac-our-sport/air-navigation-race, and also this newsletter will provide a good overview of what is expected. http://www.pilotspost.com/arn0001388
Agenda For SAT 27th Jan
              07H30                 Arrivals with Breakfast available in Clubhouse
              08H00                 Pilot and Navigator Briefing for ANR
              09H30                 Round 1 course 1st Take-off
              11H30                 Round 2 course 1st Take-off
              13H00                 Last aircraft in, results
              14H00                 Prize-Giving
Please will you book online at http://www.sapfa.co.za/index.php/component/competition/?view=pilot to enable us to adequately cater for correct numbers.
Entry Fee:  R200.00  per person to cover costs of maps and route planning
Organiser Rob Jonkers – contact details chairman@sapfa.co.za
There will also be a Training course on Friday 26th January at the Kittyhawk Clubhouse for novices at 18H00 who wish to gain knowledge on the techniques to plot and fly rallys. Please let email chairman@sapfa.co.za to book for the training event.