March 2022

The Witbank Speed Navigation Rally – 26 March 2022

By Rob Jonkers. Photos by Rob and Willie Bodenstein


The field early on Saturday morning taken from inside Apie and Frederick Kotzee’s R66, my ride for the day.

This first of the 4th Season Speed Rallies for 2022 was held at Witbank and was organised by SAPFA and hosted by the Witbank Aeronautical Association. This was the 3rd event held at Witbank in the series, which also had to be postponed due to weather issues on the original date of 5th March, the weather forecasting being fickle at best, but looked eventually flyable on the 5th and as Competition Director, you are damned for making those weather-related calls…. one way or the other, especially up here on the reef where weather changeability is so prevalent within hours.
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After a 5 year break, Brits Airfield hosted the 2022 National Precision Flying Championships, over the long weekend of the 19th to 21st March 2022. While this was set up as Rally Training for the 2022 World Rally Flying Championships, most competitors decided to take on the challenge of the Solo version of this sport and entered the Precision Flying section.

Moring Briefing

The weather cooperated and we had good weather on all three days.

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